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Asset Management

Euro Ejendomme has more than 10 years’ experience with cross border management of German properties – since 2005 from its own office in Frankfurt, with its own highly specialised German staff. This means that we operate as a local player, on equal terms and in the local language, with tenants, bankers, the public authorities and advisers. This gives you, as a non-German investor, the “best of both worlds”. While being fully at home with German property management issues, taking an insider’s view, we can always effortlessly view them “through your eyes”, sharing your perspective from outside Germany.

We are managing 36 German properties, 13 of which are in our own portfolio. This amounts to approx. 200,000 sq.m, with a value of more than EUR 400,000,000.

We believe that tailor-made asset management is the solution for optimising your German property investment.

Naturally, we have strong German cooperation partners for all areas of consultancy in relation to real estate, but from your
perspective it is even more important that we offer the following:

• in-house German lawyers, economists, banking professionals and accountants
• a stable and very experienced team of German or German-speaking employees
• English- and German-speaking asset managers providing professional services of the highest quality

We have proved that we can achieve extraordinary results which both we and our highly-committed employees are proud of:
• No cancellations of loans with respect to properties managed by Euro Ejendomme
• All of our German properties are fully let
• Our customers have NEVER lost money on a property investment initiated and managed by Euro Ejendomme

If YOUR property investment becomes OUR responsibility, you can expect a highly qualified and solution-oriented organisation which can take care of ALL the tasks arising in connection with the investment – including the ones arising from cross border issues.

If you would like an offer stating how YOUR investment can become OUR responsibility, then contact CEO Mrs. Anita Wang on + 45 35 25 33 97 or via e-mail.

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